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Long Road Home

Conan’s String Dance


4”w × 18” h × 4” D


This piece was built and sent as a gift to Conan O’Brien.  I have always enjoyed (perhaps even been inspired) by his unique sense of humor.   I felt it only proper to immortalize his infamous “string dance” through one of my figurative pieces.   The “kinetic” Conan moves by twisting a handle back and fourth on the stand.   This movement animates the figure, mimicking Conan’s signature move.    The addition of some fine copper wire to the piece was the final touch.  This of course gave “String Dance Conan” the trademark look of his orangish, amazingly golden, sweeping head of hair.

He proudly highlighted it in a recent Facebook walk-through tour of his office and worldly possessions.   I am glad to see he still considers it one of his favorite fan creations.

Conan’s Worldly Possessions

He attempted to pawn it at one point.  At least it is or was worth $800.   Although, scrap cost for that fine copper head of hair is probable half of that value.

Note:  He did not actually attempt to pawn it.  A member of his staff reached out to me to let me know it was featured in the segment, but it is still in his collection.  Whew!



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