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Rising Above It All


8’w × 20’h × 4’d (approx.)


“Rising Above It All” was commissioned in the spring of 2008.  It is located in the central commons area of the Quarry Bend development in Sandy, UT. The majority of the parts used in the figure are simply found objects, such as an old kerosene torch, bike parts, farm implements, and etc.   Even items found on the side of the road, like a large broken “leaf spring” from a large truck or piece of heavy equipment made it into the piece.  All of these parts have been assembled into the human figure using their own unique shapes to add to the sculptural detail.

Although Andrew doesn’t usually have deep meaning behind his work, he says this piece is somewhat different.  “ I usually like to keep my sculptures simple in their meaning, just fun objects of curiosity and fun.  However, it is hard to not find some meaning in this piece.  Just the simple act of the human figure stepping forward holding the American flag high in the air triggers all types of personal meaning for each individual.  For many, it represents the strength of America in this post 9/11 era, and for others it may represent something entirely different.  I like to let the viewer interpret the piece and what it may represent to them personally.”

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