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Weights and Measures

Ophir Boiler Chair


1’ 6″ W × 4’ H × 4’ D (Approx)


Ophir Boiler Chair was made entirely from cut sections from a large boiler salvaged from the old mining town of Ophir, Utah.    The boiler was salvaged at some point early in the 20th century and used as a culvert for the main river that ran down the canyon.  In 1983 Utah saw heavy flooding and that flooding buried the culvert under several feet of sand and rocks.  In 2007 the boiler was dug up by an excavator and the artist then took it back to his studio.  This particular boiler had been smashed and bent, which actually gave some perfect curvature for creating the form for a reclining chair.  The chair is surprisingly comfortable with a slight rocking action and a very comfortable springing bounce.

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