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By the Numbers


30″ W × 49″H × 32″ D


This vintage adding machine has been partially disassembled to expose the beauty and craftsmanship that went into so many of these kinds of early to mid 20th century machines. Many of the unique parts shapes and pieces have been reincorporated into the latticework of the sculpture creating a beautiful amalgam of industrial and organic shapes. All of this sits atop the original steel ornate stand of the original adding machine.

On its own, By the Numbers, is an immediate conversation piece as an object of curiosity.
However, the primary element of the sculpture is the kinetic aspect of the ball track. Weaving in, out and around the core of the piece is the rolling ball track. Steel chrome ball bearings run down the track creating an additional visual interaction for the viewer as navigate throughout the machine and come to rest at the bottom of the piece. To repeat the process the viewer cycles a mechanical lever back and forth on the side of the machine, mimicking the original hand crank lever that would have been used on the vintage adding machine. Pushing the lever forward, captures a single ball, as a lifting arm quickly shuttles it to the top of the track. When the lever is pulled back that ball is released and the arm drops back down to retrieve the next.

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