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Nine to Five



50′ h × 10′ w × 5’d


This large interactive artwork was built and fabricated for the new Adobe Utah Technology Campus and installed in 2012.

The sculpture is 50 feet high top to bottom and sits in the open space of the main stairwell between the bottom and top floor.  As viewers approach the stairs on the ground floor they see a basket containing various colored balls.  The viewer can then grab a single ball, or a hand full if they choose.  As they climb the stairs there are several areas, primarily on each floor, that they can then feed the ball into the track system where it then travels back to the ground floor.

The sculpture has three different tracks, two with inputs on multiple floors and one with a single input on the landing of the fourth (top) floor.
The sculpture was fabricated in the artist’s studio, one section at a time.  Each section had the track elements bolted into place, which were then removed for installation.   The core sections of the sculpture were 7 1/2 feet tall, and were stacked into place, and bolted into the concrete as it was installed on site.  It was built only two sections at a time in the artists studio due to space constraints and was only seen as a entire sculpture after installation was complete.

One of the goals of the work of art was to create interaction with the viewer and to give a “reward” of sorts for using the stairs.

Time Lapse video of the fabrication process and installation of the sculpture

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