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Typewroller  v1.5
Loops and Bounds

Nerf Herder


12’w × 8’h × 6’d (approx.)


Nerf Herder uses two-inch colored foam balls.   All of the ball movements are generated by one vacuum fan motor.  This motor is mounted in a sound insulated box.   The airflow is diverted out into several different locations through various pipes.  This airflow is then used to either push the ball up a tube or pipe, or just to create a cushion of air for a ball to float and hover continuously.

The main “ball lift” is a six foot long clear blue acrylic tube.  The ball is pushed up this tube eight feet into the air. The ball is launched out of this tube where it falls into a large container.  In this container the ball falls onto one of three tracks, that take it to three different courses back to the bottom of the main lift tube. There are two places where a ball just hovers continuously, floating on a cushion of air.

As the air flows out of these tubes in different locations it spins several fans, which creates visual movement.

There are also two small gear motors that rotate arms that extend in different directions with large colored circles on the ends.  These circles bounce and rock back and forth creating additional movement to the piece.

Nerf Herder is made of found metal objects and welded track.  As well as acrylic tubes, clear and colored.  It runs off of one vacuum motor and two small gearmotors.

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