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On Top of the World

I recently was asked to create a few elements for the most recent Imagine Dragons music video, “On Top of the World”.   This was a quick chaotic build to meet the deadline and have the props done for shooting day.  My biggest focus was creating a nearly full scale lunar lander for the video.  The concept was roughly based on the real Lunar Excursion Module or “LEM” built by NASA in the 60’s.   However, I was able to add my own details to the lander and make it fit a little more into my personal aesthetic and style.  Not to mention it was made almost entirely of found parts and shapes from around the studio.

IMG_9051 IMG_9107 IMG_9118 IMG_9128 IMG_9162 IMG_9168 IMG_9170 IMG_9172 IMG_9189 IMG_9194 IMG_9199




Man in the Moon

This last year has been extremely busy with some big projects.   The biggest was being heavily involved in the creative process for the live event “Man in the Moon” which was held at USANA Amphitheater in Salt Lake City, Utah.   Not only was I lucky enough to be able to weigh in heavily on many of the creative aspects of the show as a creative director, but I was also given the responsibility of fabricating two HUGE animatronic robots.   The process of creating these two robots was no easy task. However, I was able pull it off and Kilroy and Klaus where a huge hit as part of the show.

IMG_7113 IMG_6066 IMG_7085 IMG_7092 IMG_7106 IMG_7138 IMG_7140

“Making Fun of Art”

This “Reel” was also put together by Ben Mcphersen.  It highlights my work along with some of my other “hobbies”  Overall, just a really good description on how I feel about life and my artwork.

Making Fun of Art



A new area of my art I have really wanted to put more time into is creating sets, and props.  This is my latest dive into the world of film.  Directed by my good friend Ben Mcphersen.  A great opportunity to create some fun stuff.

“Universal Language”

Parts of the backpack and gun portion of the Space Suit were originally developed for “The Perfect Gentleman” Directed by The Fackrell Brothers


I am currently in the final stages of fabricating a new rolling ball sculpture for Adobe’s new campus located in Lehi, Utah.  This has been a really fun, and different piece.  Here is a local write up about the project.

Thanksgiving Point artist creating sculpture for Adobe campus

New website!

Welcome to my new website.   I am finally set up in a way I can easily add new content along with current news about my work.