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Available Works

VIDEO (All the “fun” stuff)

Captivating Crumbling Sheets of Ice



A Balloon With a View

A project to capture photos and video from a high altitude balloon, as the moon casts it’s shadow during the “Great American Eclipse”.

Where Ideas Come From

Commissioned work for Nickelodeon.   Happy Happy, Joy Joy.  Celebrating 25 years of creator driven animation.


Piling Up, Time-lapse of Utah Lake ice floe, 2017

Derp the Robot
Experimental animation and time-lapse visuals highlighting “Derps” adventures over the last several years.

Making Fun of Art
A quick overview and look at artist Andrew Smith and his creative approach to his artwork.

Compilation of Utah Lake ice floe videos from the 2015 thaw.

Kilroy and Klaus
One of the two massive animatronic “robots” fabricated for a 2013 live event.

Fifty foot tall custom installation, Adobe Utah Campus.

Final Cut
Large rolling ball sculpture, installed at Ripley’s Believe it or Not…. in Niagara Falls.

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